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Ubica Gold (the “Company”) is an early-stage newly-incubated private precious metals exploration company focused on the United States. The company has recently completed a first pass BLEG sampling exploration program in the State of Colorado.


Discover the potential for economic gold in previously unrecognised terrain in the State of Colorado, United States.

Investment Highlights

1. Talented exploration team under the supervision of Quinton Hennigh.

2. Highly prospective geology with no recent exploration

3. Large target area at this point no further disclosure because of competitive reasons

4. Excellent jurisdiction: Colorado is ranked 23rd in the mining jurisdiction ranking worldwide (source: Fraser Institute annual survey of mining companies 2017)

5. Low valuation means high leverage to success.

6. Strong financial backing by Plethora Private Equity.

7. Exploration budget for 2018 is C$ 100,000 which should enable the company to zoom in on distinct target areas

Liquidity event

A public listing or private transaction if the 2018 & 2019 exploration season proves to be successful is envisioned for 2020.

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