Rolling Road Resources (Sweden)

Sweden overview with claim blocks Exploration licenses and targeted gabbro intrusions Outcropping heavy disseminated sulphides hosted in gabbro Massive pyrite-pyrrhotite hosted in gabbro Adelfors – underground workings
AU - Gold, CO - Cobalt, NI - Nickel



Precious & base metals


Rolling Road Resources (the “Company”) is an early-stage newly-incubated private precious and base metals exploration company focused on Sweden. The company was able to stake acquire a large land package in Sweden via staking in four different metallogenic areas


Staking district scale project(s) in Sweden and execute aggressive grass roots exploration programs in order to generate significant drill targets for the 2019 exploration season.

Investment Highlights

1. Highly respected exploration team with lead geologists Daniel James and Sam Walding

2. Familiarity with mining Clear permitting procedure. Major and mid-tier mining companies active in the country (e.g. Boliden: € 5Bn+ market capitalization)

3. Highly prospective geology with little exploration in some metallogenic belts (because of lack of outcrop exposure)

4. Big land package (>600km2), spread over two concession groups in the South of Sweden in known metallogenic belts

5. Excellent jurisdiction: Sweden was listed 16th on the Mining Investment Attractiveness Index of the Fraser Institute annual survey of mining companies 2017

6. Low valuation means high leverage to success.

7. Strong financial backing by Plethora Private Equity.

8. Significant geophysical & geochemical work program planned 

Liquidity event

A public listing or private transaction if the 2018 exploration season proves to be successful is envisioned for 2019.

Corporate presentation en press releases / exploration updates

Rolling Road Resources was incubated early 2018 under the supervision of Daniel James.

The idea here was to look at un(der)explored areas in the mineral rich country of Sweden.


An in-depth desktop study and initial field work on the Adelfors region (Oskarshamm Jonkoping belt “OJ”) got us rather excited about the prospectivity of this area. The OJ belt is geologically strikingly similar to Sweden’s most productive belt, the Skellefte. However for comparison purposes the whole of the OJ belt has seen a mere 8 exploration drill holes in recent history, this compares favorable (in our opinion at least) to the 3,142 drill holes in the Skellefte. Subsequently Rolling Road decided to stake most of the belt bringing its total license area to over 600 square km’s.


Field work over the last several months has focused on systematically covering the potentially nickel enriched gabbro intrusions in the belt with till sampling. During the fall we also started a ground magnetic survey on our earlier staked Adelfors no 2 license. The purpose of this survey is to measure the magnetic response of the rocks under cover. Nickel mineralization in these type of systems are often closely associated with the mineral Pyrrhotite which is highly magnetic and should respond well to the survey.



During the next couple of months we anticipate to receive all assay results of the 2018 sampling program (which should conclude by the end of November).

More systematic fieldwork on the additional acquired properties is expected to commence early 2019 depending on weather conditions.